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Unleash some samurai justice, on that ass.
2009/09/16, 18:54
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Baltimore Sun Headline: Sword-wielding Hopkins student kills intruder.


If we were in Feudal Japan this story would not be interesting at all. An intruder’s attempt to steal a Playstation thwarted with a Samurai sword? Happens everyday. Wait, actually it would cause a stir, because the Samurai would be confused and amazed by our current-day technology, and probably worship the Playstation like a god, completely altering the future as we know it.

Either way, a hefty “well done, sir” to this fine gentleman for protecting his castle. And if  I were the one holding the sword, the next bit of cold steel would have Johns Hopkins name all over it. Why the hell is there an “s” on the end of John? It makes me so mad and stabby.