The Dog's Tuxedo

Oh, Hello.

Picture 7

Be careful, do not stare directly into this demon’s eyes. The person in this video may be the epicenter of all of the evil existing in our world. But should you choose dabble in the dark arts inside this man’s soul, have fun. Take five, have a stare. More on the site Interesting fact, the site is hosted out of the cayman islands, since the content is illegal in United States.


New use for cardboard, take that “the homeless”.
2009/09/11, 18:22
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Important things go in a case. You got a skull for your brain, a plastic sleeve for your comb, a wallet for your money and a cardboard case for your iphone. Thus far, as a true gentleman, I’ve been riding the phone bareback, but this gem could sway me into aquiring some protection.

The only other TDT approved iphone case was sacrificed to the wedding gods, in a wet and wild dance situation. and was plaid.