The Dog's Tuxedo

New use for cardboard, take that “the homeless”.
2009/09/11, 18:22
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Important things go in a case. You got a skull for your brain, a plastic sleeve for your comb, a wallet for your money and a cardboard case for your iphone. Thus far, as a true gentleman, I’ve been riding the phone bareback, but this gem could sway me into aquiring some protection.

The only other TDT approved iphone case was sacrificed to the wedding gods, in a wet and wild dance situation. and was plaid.


Hey Randy’s parent’s, there’s been a terrible cunnilingus accident.
2009/08/18, 23:37
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Raaaaaaaandy Documentary Part 1

No need to see the movie now. This little gem hit the cutting room floor anyway.

It’s all gravy, but drop in at 4:26 for the real gold.

For more…

Magic: sans cape & all the prancing, but unfortunately the creepy stache remains.
2009/08/18, 22:48
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Well done sir. The only misstep–never perform magic to the British–classic error.

The clairvoyant gentlemen is called Darren Brown. And don’t you dare address him as  magician, he’s a mentalist, god-dammit.

Neill Blomkamp: Alive in Joburg
2009/08/18, 22:26
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Downright brilliant. Have a look at the short film that inspired District 9. And the co-writer/director Mr Blomkamp is only 29 years old. Basterd. He confronts themes of internationalism, corporate takeover and apartheid with a deft hand in this ultra-realistic sci-fi pic. So I’ve heard, since I haven’t seen the full length film due to my eccentric shut-in issues.

Don’t bend over in close proximity to Japan.
2009/08/11, 17:10
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We at TDT are sick and tired of the stereotypes bestowed upon our Japanese brethren. The bad driving, weird culture, and such. None of them are true, as we have done extensive research into the subject. Mr Tanaka can  corroborate. Proof in point:


It’s perfectly sane to create a replica of a person’s posterior, and slap it with vigor as you punish everyone from your “Mother in law” to a “child molester”.

And for further info on the Japanese ass punishing arts enter a wonderful playground game called Kancho. “Kancho is a prank often played in Japan; it is performed by clasping the hands together so the index fingers are pointing out and attempting to insert them sharply into someone’s anal region when the victim is not looking.”


Save the ponytail jokes for your gravestone.
2009/08/05, 01:17
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No joke, Segal has an outstanding offer to anyone for a fight to the death. Respect the game. And respect his acting range, he can play anything from an american indian, to an american indian eskimo mix, and he’s italian. Served.