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Nothing commemorates the fall of the Berlin wall like giant marionettes.

Picture 9

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Berlin Wall’s destruction, France’s Royal de Luxe street theatre company got all marionettey on Berlin’s ass. Justifying my doctoral thesis stating that Big = PR, the several day exhibition, in front of 1.5 million germans, featured two massive marionettes traversing across the country to reunite and sail off together in a steam ship. What commemorates epic political change like marionette terror?


Oh, Hello.

Picture 7

Be careful, do not stare directly into this demon’s eyes. The person in this video may be the epicenter of all of the evil existing in our world. But should you choose dabble in the dark arts inside this man’s soul, have fun. Take five, have a stare. More on the site Interesting fact, the site is hosted out of the cayman islands, since the content is illegal in United States.

Jigga masta occult figga?
2009/10/01, 17:34
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Is HOVA running more than the showva? Could a guy who flows strictly top of head, never writing anything down be the  prophet of a occult group called the Five Percenters aka Nation of Gods and Earth? I can neither confirm nor deny. Check it, decide for yourself, and possible get brainwashed by the greatest rapper alive.